Dressing Your Toddler for Summer

Summer is here and I thought I would come up with an essential list of clothes for your toddler boy. You don’t have to spend a lot on summer clothes. Most of the time your little boy will be running around in tees and shorts. Now that my baby has grown up, I love to shop Mom-to-Mom Sales for stocking up on clothes. I am also grateful to family and friends who have gifted us with beautiful outfits.

  1. Body Suits/Onesies – 5 Nos. I love these while my toddler is still in diapers. The diapers stay in place and my toddler has not yet figured to remove the snaps. I also have a few nicer looking Sport Onesies/Body Suits which can be worn outside.
  2. Short Sleeve Tees – 5 Nos. My toddler often wears tees over body suits specially while going outside. This way his diaper won’t show up over his shorts.
  3. Full Sleeve Tees – 2 Nos. We use these on cool or breezy summer days.
  4. Cotton Sleepers/Pyjamas – 2 pairs. I prefer zippered footless sleepers for summer over 2 piece pajamas.
  5. Shorts – 5 Nos.
  6. Casual Light Pants – 3 Nos. We wear these on cooler summer days.
  7. Collared Shirt – 1 No. I hate that I have to iron cotton shirts.
  8. Formal Cotton Pant – 1
  9. Summer Hat – 1
  10. Sandals – 1 pair
  11. Shoes – 1 pair


  1. Cotton Vests – 2
  2. Romper – 2 Nos. I love cotton, plaid rompers. They look so classic and I love it especially for Church.
  3. Shortalls – 2 Nos. Toddler boys look adorable in shortalls. However, my toddler has started to remove the bottom snaps.
  4. Polos – 2 Nos. These pair well with shortalls. You can also use cute bow ties with polos.
  5. Dressy Outfits – 1 or 2. I splurged a little and bought a Sailor Outfit for my son’s birthday and a 5 piece formal outfit for his baptism anniversary.


  • You can turn your toddler’s casual outfits into stylish ones using a few accessories. This way you won’t have to spend a lot of money of dressy outfits.
  • You can read about dressing your toddler for winter over here.
  • If you have an infant, you can read more about the outfits needed for summer and winter over here.

Dressing your Toddler for Winter

When we moved up North after our baby turned a year old, I was dreading the cold and snowy Northern Winters. I loved living in the South and had been used to the mild winters. I really didn’t realize how many more layers we needed to keep warm during snowy days until last winter. In general, most people recommend that parents put one more layer on a child than they themselves need to stay warm.

I would take my son outside to play until the weather hit the -10C mark. If the temperature fell beyond -10C, we weren’t all that comfortable playing outside but I would of course run errands with my toddler bundled up in the stroller.

Here is how I dressed my toddler boy for cold, wintery days.


  1. Long-Sleeved Body Suits layered with Thermal Tees or Sweaters.
  2. Fleece Pants
  3. Socks with grip


  1. Fleece footed pyjamas with zipper. The first layer would always be a half or full-sleeved body suit (onesie).
  2. Light blanket but my toddler would always kick it off.


Layers are your best friend. I have dressed up my son in 3-4 layers depending on the temperature outside. We often didn’t venture outdoors when the temperature was around the -20C mark even if we were going by car unless it was absolutely necessary. I was afraid of my toddler getting a frost bite if he happened to remove his mittens or shoes.

Cold Days (5 to -5C)

  1. Long-Sleeved Body Suits as the base layer.
  2. Thin Pullover Hoodies or Sweaters as the second layer.
  3. Fleece Jacket as the outer layer. Convenient for Car Rides as you can use these in car seats.
  4. Footed tights or long johns. I bought a black colored one from Dollar Store and we used it often as the base layer to keep legs warm. It also provided great coverage between pants and socks so that skin on the leg was not accidentally exposed.
  5. Fleece Pants or Fleece Lined Jeans
  6. Socks with grip
  7. Winter Boots
  8. Fleece Mittens
  9. Sherpa lined Balaclava Fleece Hat. This meant that the neck was covered as well.
  10. Thick Blanket for Stroller and Car
  11. Weather Shield for Stroller

When we headed indoors like the Library or Mall, I would remove the fleece jacket so that my little one could move around freely. If it became too warm indoors like when there was a larger crowd, I would remove the pullover as well.

Severe Cold Weather (-5 to -10C)

  1. Long-Sleeved Body Suits layered with Thermal Tees.
  2. Fleece Pullover Hoodies or Sweaters would be the next layer.
  3. Heavy Winter Jacket or Snowsuit as outer layer. The disadvantage is that you need to remove it before buckling up your toddler in the car seat.
  4. Thin cotton & polyester mix pants as base layer. Better if you can find thermal pants for toddler boys. I had no such luck and simply used footed tights or lighter pants instead of thermal pants.
  5. Thick Fleece Pants or Fleece Lined Jeans
  6. Thick Socks with grip
  7. Winter Boots
  8. Fleece Mittens. Double up if needed.
  9. Sherpa lined Balaclava Fleece Hat. This meant that the neck was covered as well.
  10. Thick Blanket for Stroller and Car
  11. Weather Shield for Stroller

Once indoors, I would remove the snowsuit or winter jacket for mobility.

Extreme Cold Weather (-10 to -20)

  • All of the above and we would wrap our toddler in a blanket while heading to and from the car.
  • Also, we would double up on the mittens and socks.

Snow Play

  1. Long-Sleeved Onesies followed by Thermal Tees or Thin Hoodies.
  2. Thin fleece pants.
  3. Winter Snow Suit (I bought separate snowpant and jacket).
  4. Socks with grip
  5. Winter Boots
  6. Water proof mittens
  7. Sherpa lined Balaclava Fleece Hat

Special Occasions

  • For special occasions like Christmas and Parties, I often went with dressy outfits like a full-sleeve, collared shirt layered with sweater vest. Flannel shirts are good for such occasions.
  • I also had a few Corduroy and Fleece Coveralls which I used for Church but I didn’t prefer those as they were difficult to layer. I guess they work better on babies rather than toddlers.


  • Wool and fleece are recommended for winter. It is best to avoid cotton specially as base layer.
  • Scarves aren’t recommended for little children; they pose a strangulation risk.
  • Babies and little children should not be dressed in snowsuits when they are strapped into car seats. Instead use fleece or light-weight jackets and a blanket if necessary.
  • Have multiple pairs of mittens and socks with you in case they get wet.
  • You can read about dressing your toddler for Summer over here.

Outfits for Baby & Toddler Boys

Have you often wondered how you can turn your baby or toddler boy’s casual outfit into something dressy or stylish? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on dressy outfits if you use accessories .

My little one has way too many casual clothes like tees and jeans. If I want to dress him up a bit for a birthday party or church, I use a few accessories. Here are my favorite accessories for boys:

  • Hats – Fedora, Bucket etc.
  • Bow Ties
  • Suspender Belts
  • Vests with open-front
  • Caps – Newspaper boy, beanies, winter caps etc.
  • Sunglasses
  • Shoes
  • Cardigans

This is what I do:

  1. If you have a full sleeved shirt or tee, use clip-on suspenders with good looking pants or jeans. You can also use it with shorts for babies.
  2. Front open Vests can be worn over any casual tee or shirt for a stylish look. If it’s winter, sweater vests can do the trick.
  3. I love cute bow ties. For babies, you can sew it onto body suits or tees. For toddlers, use removable bow ties with collared shirts and polos.
  4. Fedora hats can be used in summer for a classy look. Winter caps can look cute on babies specially ones with polar bear ears.
  5. Babies don’t need shoes but soft soled, crib shoes can complete any outfit.
  6. Light-weight cardigans looks cute on babies and can be used in spring and fall.