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Slimming World is the largest Weight Loss Organization in the United Kingdom. Slimming World Diet focuses on Food Optimizing. Unlike other Fad Diets, you don’t have to starve yourself¬† when you are on this diet. You can eat as much as you want from a Group of “Free Foods”. Certain types of Food called “Healthy Extras” are required for a Balanced Diet and are permitted in limited quantities. Finally, you are allowed to have all other high-calorie foods in very limited portions. Each of these high-calorie foods has a certain “Syn” value. Each person has a daily allowance of 5 to 15 Syns. You are supposed to keep within your daily Syn Limits.

  1. Free Foods – You can eat unlimited portions of Lean Meat, Poultry, Fish, Pasta, Rice, Grains, Eggs, Fruits & Vegetables.
  2. Healthy Extras – You can have limited quantities of Milk, Bread, Cereals, Nuts, Seeds and Cheese.
  3. High Calorie Foods – You need to Syn almost all high-calorie food items like Sugar, Oil, Butter, Chocolate, Biscuits, Icecream, Cakes, Sauces, Alcohol and most of the other packaged foods.

There are 3 different Food Plans on Slimming World. You can choose any of these plans on a daily basis.

  1. Extra Easy Plan – Free Foods include most fruit and vegetables, fish, lean meat and poultry and eggs, wholemeal pasta, potatoes, grains and beans. Healthy extras include bread, cereals, cheese and milk.
  2. Original Plan (Red Day) – Free Foods include most fruit and vegetables, fish, lean meat and poultry and eggs. Healthy extras include bread, cereals, cheese, milk and carbohydrates such as wholemeal pasta, potatoes, grains and beans, all in limited quantities.
  3. Green Day – Free Foods include most fruit and vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes, grains and eggs. Healthy extras include bread, cereals, cheese, milk, nuts & seeds, and protein such as lean meat, poultry and fish, all in restricted quantities.

Many people have followed Slimming World diet and have successfully lost their weight. It requires determination but it is not hard to follow. It is more of a Lifestyle Change rather than a diet. Slimming World Diet is gaining popularity in US.


  1. You will never have to starve when you are on this diet.
  2. You will never get bored eating the same food as there lots of choices and recipes.
  3. This diet is suitable for Vegetarians & Non-Vegetarians.
  4. You don’t have to count calories for any of your meals.
  5. You don’t have to weigh any of your Free Foods.


  1. You will need to cook most of your meals.
  2. You need to strictly restrict the use of oil and sugar in your food.
  3. Eating out can be difficult since most of the foods will be high in “Syn” values.
  4. You need to shop weekly for Fresh Fruits, Vegetable, Lean Meat, Chicken & Meat.
  5. Canned & Packaged Foods are restricted due to their high “Syn” values.

How does Slimming World Diet Work?

Slimming World diet is basically an oil-free, sugar-free, low fat diet. When you cut down oil, fat and sugar from your diet, you are bound to lose weight. Moreover, you are also limiting your daily Dairy Intake. All processed foods are  restricted. Food rich in healthy fats (Nuts & Seeds) are also allowed in very limited portions. All these steps ensure that you are eating more healthy food. Depending on the Food Plan you choose, you are either following a Low Fat High Carb Diet or Low Fat High Protein Diet.

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